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Madison’s online presence expands in digital age: YouTubers

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Luke Pohlman (’19) is one of several Madison students with a YouTube channel. He posts videos about his life, traveling, activities he participates in and other things he thinks people would find interesting.

“I officially started my YouTube channel in sophomore year, but I have been making videos since eighth grade,” Pohlman said. “I started the channel because I was looking for a place to share my videos so my family and friends could see what I was up to. Also, I want to have something to look back on when I’m older to see what I did in my high school years.”

Pohlman’s account is different from many of the popular YouTube accounts out there. His channel offers a unique and interesting high school perspective. In the summer he posted almost every Wednesday. The hectic school year has caused him to post less frequently, though with the same high quality.

Because most of the viewers already know him, the chance they get his jokes and pick up on the details is much higher. In reality, Pohlman created this channel to follow his passion of becoming a filmmaker and to do something fun, different and potentially impactful.

“I want the students at Madison to know that my YouTube channel is something that I enjoy running,” he said. “I would like to encourage my peers to pursue things that they enjoy, even if it’s not something they can do through the school.”

You can subscribe to Pohlman’s channel by searching “Luke Pohlman” on YouTube.


With 700 subscribers, Jessi Kaminski (’19) uses her YouTube channel, named “Milky Meows,” as a way to express herself to the public. Inspired by other Youtubers, Kaminski originally began creating videos in 2012, however, in 2015 she started to take it more seriously.

“I made my channel to show people it’s okay to be themselves, and if I can do it, anyone can start a YouTube channel,” Kaminski said.

Kaminski includes a variety of videos on her channel. She posts tag videos were she covers a certain theme or topic, as well as makeup tutorials and clothing hauls.

“My favorite video is probably my video about panic attacks and anxiety because it really helped me to overcome some anxiety fears such as social media and the general public,” Kiminski said.

What Kaminski loves most about having a YouTube channel is being able to express herself in her videos. However, by having a significant amount of subscribers, Kaminski does occasionally receive discouraging comments. Over time, Kaminski has become immune to such comments and has learned not to care about the criticism.

Kaminski is planning to create cover videos of songs and cosplay videos that will express the cosplay and the craftsmanship. Kaminski hopes to reach 1000 subscribers and would love to make a career out of her YouTube channel.

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Madison’s online presence expands in digital age: YouTubers