The Importance of Galentine’s Day

Campbell Ferrick, Lifestyle Editor

Galentine’s Day, made popular by feminist icon Leslie Knope on Parks and Rec (played by Amy Poehler), took place on the 13th of February, conveniently set on the day before Valentine’s day, is a day of celebration for you and your best friends, your ride-or-dies, and anyone who you love in that totally platonic way. So forget Valentines Day; enter, Galentine’s Day. No need to wait around for that “secret-admirer” who may or may not exist. Instead, celebrate those who have stuck by your side through every high and low in your “not so existent” love life.

Galentine’s is a day for acknowledgement of those who you couldn’t live without. So show those friends how much you care by devoting yourself to the celebration of friendship that is Galentine’s day. The power of relationships among women, and men if they wish to celebrate, perhaps coining “Palentines Day” for male inclusion, is no joke. As nice as it is to receive a Valentine from an admirer or to have a personal celebration with a significant other, that can all be saved for the 14th, leaving the 13th open for an amazing Galentine’s celebration. This day is a day for you and your friends to share the love, without excluding significant others since they get Valentines day all to themselves.

Participating in this unofficial holiday is not only the right thing to do, but it is also the best thing to do. As a society, it is important to have such a day, so that we as women can give thanks to the powerful ladies in our life. This day is a step up from “girls-night”, celebrated traditionally with a brunch (waffles in honor of Leslie) and a table full of your closest lady-friends.

“You can’t lose with a good Galentine’s day celebration,” says junior Hannah Chaikin, “I loved being able to hang with my best friends and just celebrate our closeness for a day intended to celebrate just that.”