Warhawk Buddies to Best Buddies

Krutika Joshi, Editor-in-Chief

One of Madison’s most popular clubs, the Warhawk Buddies club, recently became a chapter of the international organization Best Buddies. This change was executed by the new club president June Reese (‘20).

While affiliation with the organization will bring some changes to the club, it continues its dedication to friendship and inclusivity for students with disabilities. Starting this year, the club will categorize members into three types: buddies, peers and associate members. Buddies, students with disabilities, are paired with a peer who they spend the year developing a friendship with. Associate members are not paired with buddies. They participate during meetings by spending time with any buddy pair.

“I like this system because it allows a buddy pair to bond and really get to know each other and develop a personal relationship,” Reese said.

In addition to Warhawk time meetings every Wednesday, the club will participate in events outside of school on the first Saturday of every month. The club will also engage in Best Buddies organization events held within the Capital Region, which are for all Best Buddies chapters in the area.

“It [being a chapter of the official Best Buddies organization] is super exciting because we will be able to accomplish so much more in terms of getting involved,” Reese said.