Five Simple Acts That Can Help Save the World


Aida Araia, Business Manager

Our environment is in ruins, there is no secret about that, but what are we doing to help it? Unfortunately, we’re not doing much. However, if we all individually contributed with simple acts, we could make a huge difference. In this case, the key is power in numbers. As a plus, it doesn’t require that much money or effort to save the environment.

Here is a list of simple acts that help clean up our world a little bit.

1) Don’t litter

This is probably the most obvious and it’s self explanatory! If you just finished drinking a bottle of water or a can of soda, throw it in the trash. The world is not your personal trash can, and you people are the reason VSCO girls became a thing. Are you proud of yourselves?

A plastic bag is left on the ground

 2) Purchase reusable stuff

Another obvious one, but it’s still important! Get yourself a water bottle instead of using a disposable one, bring your own bag to the supermarket, don’t put yourself into the endless cycle of buying something, using it for fifteen minutes then throwing it away. Just get yourself something reusable. To add on to that, some stores like Starbucks give you a discount for bringing your own mug!

Ethan deBorja (’20) holds up his reusable container

3) Cut down on car use

The most common ways you could scale down on car use include walking, cycling, or even carpooling. However, I found a very interesting way to scale down on car use without going out of your way to do so, and the answer is online shopping. It’s easy, and most people do this already; see you’ve been helping the environment without knowing it.

Bikes outside Madison

4) Buy in bulk

It sounds a little strange but buying in bulk actually helps the environment (even though it seems completely unrelated). When you buy one big bag of rice, it uses less plastic than ten smaller ones *mind blown*. You just have to make sure that you aren’t wasting food by buying too much of it and inevitably letting it expire.

The Hawk Talk’s bulk napkin and plate supply

5) Diets

A little vague but this isn’t a way to limit the foods you eat. The point of this is to purchase some of the foods you would normally get at a supermarket, except get them from a farmers market. It doesn’t have to be everything, just switch five items (like eggs, fruit, etc.). This is not only better for you, but it also helps the environment. This is because eating locally means less energy is spent transporting food.

Ethan deBorja and Megan Harvey share an apple and muffin

These few tips are small ways to save our planet and they don’t take too much time out of your day. It’s time for us to start cleaning up after ourselves. You don’t need a big foundation or a lot of money to help our environment, you just have to start small.