Productive Hobbies to Try this Summer


Adam Miller, Community Editor

As pharmacies across the United States continue to roll-out vaccines to immunize against SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, this summer will hopefully be a return to normalcy for Americans. Those looking to start a new hobby or personal project will have better access and a better community to do so. While many people took up new hobbies last summer during the indefinite lockdown, they were missing a key component of many hobbies: the social aspects of being part of a community with like-minded people. With the summer only a stroll away, creation, sensation and collaboration will be back in full swing.

Why take up a hobby?

A hobby is any activity done for enjoyment and is usually outside of work or school. Hobbies, especially during a break from said school or work, provide a pathway to learning, self-expression, and social activities in a relaxed and engaging way. Most importantly, the right hobby can be a meaningful way to spend time. Depending on your goals, here’s some ideas for finding the hobby that’s right for you.


Hobbies provide an outlet to create or display ideas or skills. Self expression can be in any form of visual art, such as drawing, painting, animating, or photography, as well as other forms of art such as music composition, creative writing, and filmmaking. Crafts include sewing, embroidery, knitting, pottery and jewelry-making. Taking an interest in hair, grooming and makeup opens new possibilities for defining self-image. Beyond art and communicating a message, hobbies are a means of showing off, teaching and applying abilities, talents, and know-how to others. 

Sewing is a useful life skill that fosters the modification and repair of clothing.


A new hobby is a wonderful avenue to learn a new skill. Picking up a language can be both practical and enjoyable and will open opportunities to communicate and learn about foreign cultures. Language learning takes considerable time and motivation, but, if used semi-regularly, is a lifelong skill. Learning to play music on an instrument combines technical and artistic ideas and has been shown to benefit memory, fine motor and problem solving skills. Gardening, cooking and baking are good ways to spend less on food while enjoying quality meals with others. Coding and computer aided design are both skills with fun as well as practical purposes and are valuable as assets in the growing digital industry. “Handy” skills such as woodworking, welding, soldering, home and car repair can both save money and foster the creation and customization of everyday objects. Any interest can be a conversation starter.


Hobbies are one of the best ways to meet others who have a common interest. Sharing expertise and help is an important part to any community and can lead to impromptu friendships. Beyond the hobby itself, communities form around hobbies that host events and foster a belonging among their members. Being a  part of a team lends a sense of comradery especially in sports such as soccer, basketball, swimming, frisbee, gymnastics, baseball, football, or volleyball. At community events, meet-ups or on internet forums, hobbyists take inspiration from each other to try new techniques or styles and make them their own. 

Auto repair is a practical skill to save money.

Enjoyment and novelty

Ultimately, every hobby should be for enjoyment. Even collecting or enjoying certain media is a hobby, whether it be books and reading, movies, video games, board games, or music. Some hobbies are interesting because of their novelty, be it a niche skill such as lockpicking or spotting for birds, trains, or storms. The most important aspect of a hobby is that it is exciting for you.

Find something to be a part of this summer. Join a group, learn a skill, or work on a personal project. Exercise the right to the pursuit of happiness, because that’s what any hobby ultimately is for.