The best and worst fashion trends

Mac Lewis, Sports Editor

The spring season is a time where sunny skies force people to gravitate more to the outdoors. However, the season is definitely not without its problems, as there are some horrible trends that come out during the springtime. Here are some of the best and worst spring trends that you can look forward to seeing, (or not seeing) this spring.

Listen up boys, it is officially mullet season. Those summer time haircuts are making a comeback, and that means barber shops are going to be busy. The popular trend from the 1980s known as “business in the front, party in the back” is indeed coming back, and students’ parents will start getting flashbacks to their own teenage years. If you are trying to figure out what type of haircut to get this summer, why not try a mullet; your parents probably did.

Tank Tops = Suns out Guns out. The nice weather allows for spring and summertime fun where many guys wear tank tops. A popular place for them is during beach volleyball, boardwalks and a friendly game of beach football. Also, Lululemon tank tops are a popular girls style trend in the warm weather seasons, and it will make a return this year. Similar to guys’ tank tops, Lululemon tank tops are a prime outfit for beach days, boardwalk extravaganzas and a nice walk in the park. Tank tops have gained lots of popularity over the last few years, and they are developing a similar level of popularity as they did in the 1980s, similar to mullets.

Top down in cars: With the warmer weather comes more and more style while driving. The new wave of sports cars create a more stylish driving experience, with many of the cars having an ability to put the top down. These cars include FIAT’s, corvettes, ford mustangs, and many more. These cars are often associated with wealthy people who can afford a stylish way of living. No one can deny that they won’t take a look at those top down cars speeding by you on the freeway, which shows how the top down trend is continuing to increase in popularity, especially in states like Florida and California.

Ponchos = One of the worst trends ever created, the ponchos. People started wearing plastic ponchos regularly during the 1950s. The poncho is famous for making its appearance during rain delays at baseball games. Ponchos create many bad looks, as they are mostly oversized, see-through and do not even help keep the rain off. They are hard to walk in, make people trip over their own feet and make people feel huge. There is really no benefit to wearing ponchos, and I don’t think anyone would be disappointed if they were completely removed from society.

Fake Tans: Often used many times during the winter and early spring, a fake tan is not seen as a good look, yet many people still choose to get one. Fake tans should only be used in the wintertime because they are often seen at the beach. Spring is filled with gloomy weather days and lots of rain, so what is the point of getting a fake tan during the springtime? Next time you see a friend getting a fake tan, ask them, “why not wait till summer to get a real one?”

Green Clothing: The color green is an up and coming fashion statement people are making.he season of spring, often associated with the color green, brings out lots of green clothing from the wardrobe. The color green just does not blend well with any other colors, thus making it a subpar fashion look. For example, colors like blue and red, blue and orange, and anything with gray go well together, but green especially needs to be reevaluated as a core fashion look. A sweatshirt is fine, however, a green jacket is a different story, especially a musty, dark green jacket. With that being said, green should be taken as a core fashion statement, because of its inability to blend well with other colors.

The seasonal change will bring out new items out of the closet, and people are eager to see innovative fashion statements and outfits that will be making their appearance this season.