Class of 2020 Senior Superlative Winners

Class of 2020 Senior Superlative Winners

Hawk Talk Staff

The results are in! As a preview for our 2020 Senior Special, we’ll be revealing a few of the senior superlative winners each day during the week of May 18-22. Starting Monday, you’ll be able to view posts about the winners using links below and also on our Instagram account, @jmhshawktalk. Congratulations to all the senior winners!


Monday, May 18:

Most Likely to Be on Broadway

Most Likely to Live in Vienna During Adulthood


Tuesday, May 19:

Best Dressed

Most Likely to Have an Exhibit in an Art Museum

Most Likely to Become President


Wednesday, May 20:

Most Likely to Cure a Disease

Cutest Couple

Best to Bring Home to Parents


Thursday, May 21

Best Glo-Up

Class Clown/ Funniest Senior

Most Likely to Become an Olympic Athlete


Friday, May 22:

Most Likely to Become TikTok Famous

Best Duo of Friends

Worst Case of Senioritis