The Hawk Talk


Dear Readers,

Welcome to the online edition of James Madison High School’s Hawk Talk,! Today everything we do has gone online; from homework, to banking, to shopping, the Internet is an open field of opportunity. That is why the The Hawk Talk newspaper decided to add an online platform launching in the Fall of 2016. The duty of a newspaper is to keep the community informed and educated, so what better way to do so than to utilize the most frequented informational platform in the world? With weekly sports updates, local restaurant reviews and recaps of school events, the website provides relevant information for everyone. The Hawk Talk staff is producing more articles than ever before due to a lack of restriction on the number and length of articles. We hope that this will bring important issues to the forefront of discussion and further connect the James Madison and Vienna communities. In this endeavor, you, our readers, are essential contributors.

To submit an article suggestion, question or business inquiry, please email [email protected]. To subscribe to The Hawk Talk in print, please see this flyer.  As a subscriber, a copy of the print edition will be mailed to you home or business every cycle. Subscriber names are even printed in the newspaper!

Go, Warhawks!


Annabelle Rosse, Sonia Samantaroy, Erin McCormick, Rachel Schlueter, and Josh Brown