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The ethics of true crime podcasts

Natalie Hosage, Staff Writer April 26, 2024

True crime in literature has been around since the 17th century, initially captivating readers with the thrilling hunts for witchcraft and other sacrilegious acts. Modern-day shows like “Forensic Files”...

Madison English teachers’ top book picks of 2023

Eli Hendon, Staff Writer April 26, 2024

It can be hard to find a good book: the title doesn’t spark the imagination, the summary leaves something to be desired, or the cover just fails to draw you in. So, to save you some time, here are five...

How we interact with celebrities

Catherine McGuire, Staff Writer April 26, 2024

Pinpointing modern celebrity culture is difficult, but it certainly has expanded from what it once was. Its genesis can be traced back to the eighteenth century. The allure of writers and philosophers...

Bob Marley’s legacy

Caitlin Holtaway, Staff Writer April 26, 2024

Everyone knows the song "Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley, but do you know the legacy behind the artist? Marley was a Jamaican artist born in 1945. He holds a large legacy in the music industry, some...

Ode to Hayao Miyazaki

Ode to Hayao Miyazaki

Alexandra Wong, Entertainment Editor April 26, 2024

Studio Ghibli films are a bubbling and haunting projection of life. Complete with exquisite writing, animation and musical scores, the Japanese studio has a unique artistic identity that has pushed the...

The portrayal of hardship in media and the implications

Norah Vaudo, In-Depth Editor December 12, 2023

With the rise of social media, reliance on dopamine produced by digital media has become a standard in teenage life. Stress in high school can be overwhelming, often prompting teenagers to look to movies...

The societal prominence of book adaptations

Kathleen Morrow, Staff Writer December 12, 2023

Since book adaptations have surfaced in global cinema, they have grown to be prominent in the media — so much so that it has sparked controversy. More classic adaptations such as the “Harry Potter”...

The exploitation of child influencers

The exploitation of child influencers

Aditi Chandra, Features Editor December 12, 2023

Imagine that at the young age of 10-years-old, the world knows not only your name, but every detail of your life. You are shown off to the world and have no say in the matter. This is the sad reality for...

The evolution of music for teens

Matt Tadle, Staff Writer December 12, 2023

With new generations come new forms of musical styles and expression, especially surrounding the messages which musicians and artists convey through their art. Throughout history, there have been various...

Madison Madrigals perform for the holidays

Sean Clinton, Staff Writer December 12, 2023

The holiday season is a very busy time for many, including the Madison Madrigals. The Madison Madrigals are an auditioned choral group made up of both male and female voices. Throughout the holiday season,...

Students dance for holiday tradition

Students dance for holiday tradition

Spencer Kaltenmark, Staff Writer December 12, 2023

The Nutcracker, a Tchaikovsky ballet that originated in the 1890's, is a staple in many homes during the holiday season. Madison students Madeleine Connelly ('26), Sarah West ('25)  and Maya Sheth ('24)...

Cultural obsession with Christmas music brings people joy

Charlotte Crowder and Kate Curby December 12, 2023

The day after Thanksgiving, or sometimes even earlier, people walk around in stores and hear the familiar classic holiday tunes playing. Often Christmas music is played during Christmas traditions and...

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