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Jammin Java offers intimate concert-going experiences

Jammin Java offers intimate concert-going experiences

Sophie Shayne, Sports Editor

December 3, 2018

Child TV star Drake Bell recently performed at Jammin Java in Vienna, and a number of Madison students attended his performance. “Drake Bell could respond to the audience if someone yelled because he could actually hear us,” Leah Litman (’22) said. “Since it was not scripted, he just chose ...

“Crazy Rich Asians” opens doors for Asian Representation in Hollywood

Spencer Todd, Entertainment Editor

November 13, 2018

Following the release of “Crazy Rich Asians,” Hollywood opened its doors to Asian representation in films. The movie was the first to star a lead Asian female in 25 years, since the release of “The Joy Luck Club” in 1993. Although Asians have been prominent in producing films, they have stru...

The Urban Legends of Virginia

The Urban Legends of Virginia

Caleb Callen, Staff Reporter

October 31, 2018

This Halloween, it's time to take a look at three urban legends that spook the state that we call Virginia. The Ghost of Sarah Shelton Patrick Patrick Henry—a Founding Father and one of Virginia’s most esteemed historical figures—is remembered by the general populace mostly for his famous declarati...

The Importance of Galentine’s Day

Campbell Ferrick, Lifestyle Editor

April 3, 2018

Galentine’s Day, made popular by feminist icon Leslie Knope on Parks and Rec (played by Amy Poehler), took place on the 13th of February, conveniently set on the day before Valentine’s day, is a day of celebration for you and your best friends, your ride-or-dies, and anyone who you love in that tot...

Madison’s online presence expands in digital age: Bloggers

Hannah Kase, Online Editor-in-Chief

April 3, 2018

Just a few weeks ago, Ansley McGuire (’20) made the decision to start a blog. Her blog, entitled “ansley elisabeth,” serves as an outlet for her to share her thoughts that she does not share anywhere else. McGuire enjoys writing about anything and everything that she thinks or feels, so her...

Madison’s online presence expands in digital age: YouTubers

Beck Inglese and Grace-Lauren Richmond

April 3, 2018

Luke Pohlman (’19) is one of several Madison students with a YouTube channel. He posts videos about his life, traveling, activities he participates in and other things he thinks people would find interesting. “I officially started my YouTube channel in sophomore year, but I have been making v...

March for Our Lives draws Madison students to action

March for Our Lives draws Madison students to action

March 25, 2018

On March 24, many Madison students and Vienna community members traveled to Washington, D.C. to show support and advocate for gun reform. The faces of the March for Our Lives were students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. where 17 students were shot and killed over a month...

Star Wars launches into hyperspace, leaving big screen behind

Matthew Nguyen, Staff Reporter

February 15, 2018

With Admiral Akbar captured by the First Order, the Resistance launches a mission to rescue the famed leader of the Rebellion. The rescue team composed of some of the Resistance’s finest soldiers and droids apprehends a First Order protocol droid to find the location of the admiral’s imprisonment...

“The Last Jedi” introduces new themes into classic Star Wars storyline

Grace-Lauren Richmond, Business Manager

February 15, 2018

This movie takes you on an emotional roller coaster of plot twists. The Resistance struggles to battle the dominating First Order with their outdated ships and small numbers.  Despite what some predicted, there is no new version of the Death Star, a welcome diversion from the classic Star Wars stor...

Students learn to cope with stress

Emily Wilson-Quayle, Staff Reporter

February 15, 2018

Stress: a feeling that high school students are extremely familiar with, regardless of grade or age. With the rise of mental health awareness, acknowledging stress is a step that many consider necessary to address anxiety and mental health as a whole. Many seniors at Madison are currently applying to colle...

Students explore new places as they travel the world

Students explore new places as they travel the world

Alexa Clark and Lianna Williams

February 15, 2018

The Seventh Continent       by Alexa Clark, Entertainment Editor For two weeks during freshman year, Sam Lane (’18) and her family traveled to Antarctica on a Russian research vessel, the last stop on their seven continent adventure. As a way to experience every part of the world, Lane and ...

Madison Students raise voices at 2nd Women’s March

Madison Students raise voices at 2nd Women's March

Anna Brinkhuis and Alexa Clark

February 9, 2018

After the record-breaking numbers that the Women's Marches across the United States attracted on Jan. 21, 2017, critics and supporters alike anticipated the second annual Women's March on Washington. Attendance did not reach that of 2017, but still many Madison students participated in the march.   ...