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To Care or Not to Care? That is the Question

Aidan Jones, Editor-in-Chief January 10, 2023

Ah, senior year. The last one should be the best one right? We already survived junior year, so we should be fine! Well, the optimistic view of senior year that we all begin with is seemingly crushed into...

Self Care Is Not Selfish

Rachel Brown, Community Editor January 10, 2023

As a community, we often put the needs of others before our own. When we are actively supporting others, taking a step back at times and caring for ourselves is vital. This idea of self-care has been brought...

Tips for Avoiding Gift-Giving Stress

Leo Moskowitz, Staff Writer January 10, 2023

The holiday season is great for connecting family and friends through many ways, a prominent one being gifting. It is a great experience that comes around every year but there are obstacles people may...

A guide for first time voters

A guide for first time voters

Audrey Bhagi, Staff Writer November 1, 2022

With election day coming up, this guide will provide Madison’s 18-year-olds with an overview of what you should know before voting.  Election day this year is on Tuesday, Nov. 8, where voters will...

Best fall foods on church street

Best fall foods on church street

Anika Chandra, Staff Writer November 1, 2022

Warm light glinted off of Church Street’s red bricks as I strolled down this beloved cornerstone of Vienna with a loaf of fresh bread in one hand and custard in the other; the air had finally turned...

Cycles of Fashion Trends

Cycles of Fashion Trends

Molly Carrigan, Lifestyle Editor November 1, 2022

Fashion has a funny way of coming back, and 2000’s fashion is no exception. With a kaleidoscope of colors and styles, Y2K  trends which were the first to be popularized by the internet, which had a...

Study advice from teachers and students

Study advice from teachers and students

Cate Langhorn, Editor-in-Chief March 29, 2022

We’ve all been there, realizing you have a test the next day having done nothing to prepare. Maybe it’s that the material is not making sense, or you’re just not clicking with the teacher, or maybe...

The best and worst fashion trends

The best and worst fashion trends

Mac Lewis, Sports Editor March 29, 2022

The spring season is a time where sunny skies force people to gravitate more to the outdoors. However, the season is definitely not without its problems, as there are some horrible trends that come out...

Heres how to get free food on your birthday

Here’s how to get free food on your birthday

Trish Truong & Elizabeth Casto, Opinion Editor & Entertainment Editor February 15, 2022

Matchbox: Free large pizza Sign up for Matchbox rewards to get a free pizza during your birthday month. Put in your name, phone number, email, favorite location and birthday and just wait until your...

Adam Sandler shrine graces girls bathroom

Adam Sandler shrine graces girls bathroom

Mia Pisani, Lifestyle Editor February 11, 2022

In Sept. the first Adam Sandler shrine appeared, kickstarting a wave of several Sandler shrines throughout the girls’ bathrooms. It initially appeared in the history hallway, and later one was built...

What we learned from the Love and Petito cases

What we learned from the Love and Petito cases

Mia Pisani, Lifestyle Editor January 13, 2022

After several physical altercations, Brian Laundrie strangled his fiancee Gabby Petito to death. George Huguely had numerous physical incidents with his girlfriend Yeardley Love to death before eventually...

Williamson and Truong review Cheesecake Factorys Italian Trio.

Review: 2000+ calorie Cheesecake Factory meals

John Williamson and Trish Truong, Staff Writer and Opinion Editor January 13, 2022

Italian Trio:  Italian food has, for as long as I can remember, been the Williamson family's favorite cuisine. From weekly trips to the very much authentic Carrabba's Italian Grill to outings in Georgetown’s...

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