Biology club allows for exploration

Lulu, In-Depth Editor

Excited whispers begin to fill the room, as jumpy teenagers cloaked in lab coats await to commence their activity: the dissection of a squid. Surrounded by sharp tool and diagrams, students bustle at their upcoming task which provides a real life hands-on experience, something they struggle to find in a regular class.

“Biology club allows you to interact with other students who like the same topics,” Ms. Wright said, the teacher-sponsor, “This club is for anyone who is interested in biology in general.”

Over 30 students have made the decision to take their passion for biology a step further by joining the biology club. With animal dissections, competitions and field trips, the club creates a creative outlet for any science lovers looking to deepen their relationship with the subject.

“In class it is a lot more textbook smart; you’re reading and then you’re answering questions. But when you are in bio club, it is a whole new perspective, it is a lot more interactive based,” Sudharsan Balasubramani (’18) said, the current president of the club, “When you are doing dissections, you are able to see with your own eyes how these parts work, and it gives a whole new understanding on a visual perspective.”

Unlike the biology class freshmen are required to take, this extracurricular allows students to focus on a different side of the science: a firsthand look into science based careers and diverse activities designed to teach without the pressure of grades. Whether it is through bio-related discussions or biome decorated cupcakes, the members of this club are able to gain knowledge in an uncommon setting.  

“We are introducing a new event this year called Bio Olympiad,” said Balasubramani, “They take students that are interested and go through a rigorous test.”

Starting Febuary, willing participants of the club have the option to sit two biology focused exams which determine their rank in the nation. Out of 10,000 students, only the top 20 advance to the Olympiad Nationals; therefore, biology club hosts multiple study and review sessions to enrich members with knowledge in preparation.

“Overall, it is a great and engaging learning environment for all students, whether you enjoy learning about biology or not,” Ayaad Akand (’19) said.

Biology club provides a unique and educational perspective into the subject itself, and offers experiences that allow students to expand their interest for the science. At any grade or any biology level, this extracurricular is welcome to all.