Orchestra and chorus students travel to Orlando

Anna Brinkhuis, Opinion Editor

On March 29, 150 orchestra and chorus students loaded down with luggage and instruments gathered outside of Madison high school, ready to kickstart their spring trip. 13 hours later they were far away from school — Orlando, Florida, to be precise.  

“It will be pretty awesome to play Disney songs to an audience of strangers … knowing that the kids in that audience will see us and maybe want to join orchestra or participate in music programs,” Dana Lhundup (’19) said.

Although they take a spring trip every year, this is the first time their destination is “The Most Magical Place on Earth.” In 2016 they traveled to Philadelphia where they competed and enjoyed activities like watching the Philadelphia Orchestra perform with Yo-Yo Ma.

“We took a tour, we went to the Liberty Bell, and we ate some cheesesteaks and pretzels,” Dylan Quan (’19) said.

During their time in Orlando, the musicians and singers got to explore Disney World, go on tours around Orlando, and spend time with fellow students.

“I hate roller coasters, so I won’t be going on those, but I like food, so if they have Disney themed food that’s where I’m going to be,” Erin Spalding (’19) said. “I’m excited because Disney’s a great place, and I like all the people I’m rooming with.”

The trip is not all work and no play, however. For the first few days, the Madison orchestra players and singers participated in clinics at the amusement park, where they learned from clinicians, Disney musicians and staff. Because this portion of the trip only took up two out of the four days they will be in Orlando, they took full advantage of their access to Disney World.

“I’m looking forward to going on the roller coasters because I really like roller coasters.” Peyman Owrang (’19) said. “Not the children’s roller coasters, the big people’s roller coasters.”

The trip is optional, and not every student choose to attend. However, those who did had a great time.