Replicating success: girls swim team trains to earn consecutive state rings

Madeleine LeTendre, Sports Editor

The 2016-2017 season for Girls Swim was characterized by immense success. Sweeping the titles of Liberty Conference, 6A North Region, and 6A Virginia State champions, great victory greeted Madison’s girls swim and dive team, entailing a season that made school history. The team had never won a state championship until 2017.

“We had a great mix of exceptionally strong swimmers and divers coupled with strong athletes that gave us three complete relays at states,” coach Andrew Foos said.

Current senior Madeline LaPorte was second in the 200 freestyle and third in the 100 butterfly at the state championship, with current sophomore Anna Keating placing second in the 100 breaststroke and third in the individual medley.

The team’s achievements were made possible through the skill of both freshmen and seniors, but captain Sidney Miralao (’18), says it was principally the work ethic of the team that ended up dictating its victory.

“I also think a lot of our success came from the hard work and ambition shared by all of the swimmers and the coaches,” Miralao said.

In terms of replicating the team’s competitive disposition and success, captains, Miralao and Rachael Holp (’18),  meet regularly with the girls swim coach, Andrew Foos, to plan and set goals for the upcoming year.

“We have tons of new ideas, one being an emphasis on racing in practice. [Foos] wants us to get better used to being able to get the feeling of racing,” Holp said.

[A goal of ours is] to develop a culture of competition. I want the girls to learn how to compete with each other and challenge themselves during every set in every practice.” Foos said.

In order to replicate success “[Coaches] will continue to work hard and demand the very best from each of our athletes. Even though not all of our girls will be competing at states, we expect each athlete to challenge and support their teammates,” Foos said.

To achieve this, coaches and captains had to develop a competitive set of goals; one of which being breaking records at the region and state championships.

“Our girls are definitely capable of setting a new standard for team depth and success.” Foos said.