A school spirit that carries through generations


The Lees, Pantzers and Colberts all are multi-generational Madison families. They returned to Vienna to raise their children in the area, touting Madison’s reputation and community spirit as the reasons to stay in the town.

The Lees

Suzanne Lee and her husband Doug Lee first met in 8th grade at Thoreau Middle School before dating in 9th grade. They dated on-and-off throughout high school and college and got married right after getting their degrees. Now Mrs. Lee is a stay-at-home mom. Her children, Ashton (’19) and Arden Lee (’21), currently attend Madison.
The Lees chose to raise their family in Vienna because Mrs. Lee was working on her Masters at George Mason University and they wanted to stay close to their family. Time after school was spent with friends; McDonald’s was a popular place to hangout.
“Academics were definitely less stressful back then. We didn’t spend long hours on homework,” Suzanne Lee said.
She played lacrosse her freshman year at Madison and was in the Spanish club. In addition, Lee was involved in a club similar to the Buddies Club.
“My life was amazing and probably too much fun at Madison,” Suzanne Lee said.

The Pantzers

Suzy Walker Pantzer has fond memories of her time at Madison. Not only did she enjoy the classes she took, such as Spanish with Señora Ingram, but she was also very involved in watching sports and extracurricular activities. Pantzer was a member of the National Honor Society and served as the manager of the girls soccer team.
“I was on the Dance Team, then called the Pom Pom Squad,” Pantzer said.
Pantzer also happily recalls the Redskins winning the Super Bowl during her time at Madison.
Now, Pantzer is a special education teacher at Freedom Hill Elementary School. She loves spending time with friends and family, traveling and birdwatching.
Pantzer chose to live near Madison and raise her family in the area because of her wonderful childhood in Vienna and experiences at Madison. Her daughter, Christina, is a junior at Madison.
“I loved growing up in Vienna, and I still have family here,” Pantzer said. “And Madison has a strong reputation and a great community.”

The Colberts

During Linda Colbert’s time at Madison, she was very involved in the school. She was a cheerleader for all four years of high school, serving as the captain her senior year. In addition, she was in Student Government Association, was a class officer and was involved in the Latin club.
Linda Colbert met her husband her freshman year after a Madison football game when they were walking to McDonald’s. She was still in her cheerleading uniform, and he had just played his game.
“I introduced myself to him and we talked and flirted and, well, it was pretty much love at first sight,” Linda Colbert said.
After getting her bachelor’s degree at the University of Virginia and her Masters at Virginia Tech, she moved back to Vienna and was offered a teaching job at Madison.
Her daughter, Heather Colbert (’19), is now a Madison student.
“We wanted to raise our family in Vienna. Both Mr. Colbert and I had good experiences at Madison so we wanted our kids to go there,” Linda Colbert said.