Breaking News: Fire reported in art wing at Madison

Devan Fink, Online Editor-in-Chief

Update, 11/9/2018, 10:38 p.m.: Madison High School released a statement on Twitter:

“Thank you to the Fire Department for responding so quickly. We had a small fire contained to a closet. The sprinkler system worked perfectly and extinguished the fire. Now it’s clean-up time.”

The production of “Noises Off” will continue as scheduled tomorrow.

Original Story: Madison High School caught on fire earlier this evening, according to those near the scene.

The fire was allegedly started by a kiln in an art classroom, according to Student Advisory Council Officer Ryan Carney (’19). There have been no reported injuries.

The Fairfax County Fire Department confirmed the incident at the school on Twitter.

In the statement, the Fire Department noted that the “Fire has been controlled by the sprinkler system. Units are checking for extension of fire and conducting overhaul and salvage work.”

Due to this safety hazard in the building, tonight’s performance of “Noises Off,” Madison’s student-led drama performance, has been postponed, according to the school.