Jammin Java offers intimate concert-going experiences

Jammin Java offers intimate concert-going experiences

Sophie Shayne, Editor-in-Chief

Child TV star Drake Bell recently performed at Jammin Java in Vienna, and a number of Madison students attended his performance. “Drake Bell could respond to the audience if someone yelled because he could actually hear us,” Leah Litman (’22) said. “Since it was not scripted, he just chose what he wanted to say or what songs he would play next, so someone yelled ‘Drake and Josh!’ and then he played that song next.”

Jammin Java originally sprouted in Vienna as a small business with the purpose of joining the community with live music. Now 17 years old, Jammin Java has upgraded the way patrons listen to music within its four walls, has maintained a reputation for good food and has established itself as a notable concert venue internationally.

Three brothers, Daniel, Jonathan and Luke Brindley, took over Jammin Java in 2001 to rejuvenate the previously failing business. The Brindley brothers grew up in a musical household and continued to pursue their passion throughout their education. The former residents of New Jersey followed their father to Vienna to take on jobs separate from seeking a music career. After each brother found and settled into his role in the business, Jammin Java soon began to develop and grow.

After more than a decade of business, Jammin Java has enhanced the listening experience of its customers. In 2006, the venue increased the height at which the stage stood to allow a more comfortable view of the performers. Also in the same year, improvements to the sound system helped ameliorate previous flaws. This was later replaced with a new sound system in 2015 to allow loud, surround sound with the help of multiple speakers placed in different places throughout the compact space.

To cultivate different aspects of a larger concert venue, Jammin Java offers a range of high quality services to its customers. Concert goers possess the option of standing in the open, first-come, first-served space in front of the stage or sitting at tables towards the back of the venue, farther away from the performers. No matter where one enjoys the acts, the venue provides a full, three meal food and drink menu at all times throughout evening performances. The menu features a variety of foods from desserts to small plates to Jammin Java’s award winning chili. South Block Juice Co. also operates in the front of the venue during the day, and customers are at liberty to eat acai bowls and drink smoothies while watching performances.

Another benefit of seeing concerts at Jammin Java is that tickets are priced between $8 and $30, depending on the act, the perfect amount for a high school student on a budget. Tickets can be purchased online, in person, or through a telephone service called Ticketfly, as Jammin Java accepts printed and online tickets at the door. As the venue services all ages, Jammin Java provides a comfortable space for everyone including those that are under 18.

“The people there tried to keep it pretty safe. Since we are underaged, they drew on our hands to show that we were underaged, so we could not buy a drink,” Leah Litman (’22) said. “Then, they made sure that whoever they let behind the curtains had tickets or that their name was on the list.”

Jammin Java provides the Vienna community with a different music experience. Its location is in the heart of the town, allowing a quick and easy commute, unlike the trek to Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C. that one would take to see a concert in a bigger venue. The proximity between the crowd and the performers in Jammin Java fashions an intimate environment. This smaller space enables a connection between the performers and the crowd which allows them to closely interact with each other in a unique way.

“The venue felt more laid back than at a bigger concert because we were able to move around and get as close or far away from the stage as we wanted,” Kirsten Carl (‘22) said. “The performers were interactive and asked the crowd questions which made the environment feel more personal, despite the crowds of people. I liked the smaller venue better because it was easier to socialize with my group, while enjoying the concert simultaneously.”

Many newspapers and magazines have recognized Jammin Java as one of the most notable music venues in America. As Jammin Java has already made a name for itself, artists from all over the country and the world come to the venue in hope of making a name for themselves. The concert space is the place to go to see artists on the rise who may soon become famous. Past performers at Jammin Java such as Paramore, Nick Jonas, G-Eazy, Echosmith and the Zac Brown Band include only some of the artists and bands who have proceeded on to become noteworthy celebrities. You never know if the performer that you see at Jammin Java today will soon be rising the charts and playing at larger arenas in the near future.