A New Year’s Resolution for all: Realize there is no “War on Christmas”


Stephen Desmarais, Editor-in-Chief

For many, the first day of December marks the first day it’s acceptable to play Mariah Carey’s hit single All I Want for Christmas is You.” However, it also signifies the reemergence of a more sinister movement that vocalizes itself around this time of year.

Ever since Starbucks started putting “Happy Holidays” on their cups, the Christian right has made a point of declaring this the War on Christmas. Political commentators, politicians and even the president himself have remarked that the secular left and modern culture are trying to ruin the Christmas season and strip the meaning away from the holiday.

The fact of the matter is that the issue is massively overblown. Like the migrant caravans, the right has taken a non-issue and blown it out of proportion to use it as a campaign tool. No one has declared a war on Christmas and no one is trying to ruin the holiday spirit. Christianity has dominated American culture for years, and this has the adverse consequence of alienating groups of people that do not celebrate Christmas.

Having one holiday represent a season when there are many Americans that celebrate something else is not only a poor representation of the American population, but it actively goes against what America stands for. America is a country founded by immigrants that thrives on diversity, so monocultural representation degrades the founding principles of America.

The interesting thing to point out is the hypocrisy of the right. They constantly argue for free speech and representation, yet when a public organization like Starbucks change their cups to include more people, suddenly it is “too PC.” No one is “persecuting” Christians in this country, and no one ever will. America is a country where one is allowed to practice whatever religion they want to.