What Madison Students are Looking Forward to Most this Year


Caroline Scheider-Williams, Online Editor-in-Chief

Almost one quarter into the school year, students have started to form routines that they will follow for the rest of the year. While there are still months to go until we even take our first SOL, AP test, or final exam, it is never too early to start looking into the future. One student from each class told us about what they are looking forward to most this school year.

 “Something I’m looking forward to this year is the option to take online classes,” Nathan Moldavsky (’23) said. “It really helps to free up electives and give you so many more options.” 

Online courses allow students flexibility within their own schedule. Sometimes they give the students a free period or the ability to take more classes in subject areas that interest them. 

 “I’m interested in this because I’m definitely going to take more of these online classes in the future, which will really help me be successful in high school,” Moldavsky said.

Sophie Disney (’22) is also enrolled in an online class, gym. This will give her an extra period to pursue her interests outside Madison:

“I am looking forward most to my academy class at Fairfax High School,” Disney said. “ I am taking Film and Media Production, which is something that really interests me.” 

Academy classes allow students to enroll in classes at other high schools throughout the county. This allows them the opportunity to take classes that aren’t offered at their own. Typically, if a student wishes to take an academy they would need two available periods that allow time for transportation between the two schools. 

“This year I’m really looking forward to being in control of my classes and taking courses more dedicated to what I want to become in the future,” Thaissa Peixoto (’21) said. “Also I feel like the Madison community has grown so much and is so open this year. It’s such a privilege to have so many opportunities outside of academics.”

Many students feel that Madison has provided them with valuable skills and opportunities to grow as people, from the one community feel to freedom within our schedules. 

“I am looking forward to all of the upcoming changes that will be happening in my life,” senior Vicka Heidt (’20) said. “I feel that Madison has prepared me well for the future, and I am excited to see where my peers and I will end up in the next few months.”