Madison Clubs Go Virtual

Kirsten Carl, In-Depth Editor

Visual courtesy of Erin McCormick

James Madison High School has always been a place of success and achievement, and that has not changed despite these trying times during distance learning. Students are not only tackling a new way of life but are also learning how to continue their education and extracurriculars successfully. Student clubs and organizations that have transferred online are just one more challenge that comes with this new virtual life.

Logan Scheyer, President of the Fishing Club, has had to transition to online meetings. The Fishing Club is a group that discusses fishing, fishing techniques, and the outdoors.

“We have not been meeting nearly as much in person or online,” Scheyer (’22) said. 

Scheyer has expressed concern with how the club will carry on with the difficulties of transferring the club to a fully virtual setting. 

“I think I speak for the whole club when I say it’s better in person,” Scheyer said.

Because the club meets to discuss fishing and fishing techniques, that aspect can be transferable to a virtual setting. However, he has expressed the further difficulties with placing the calls virtually.

“So far we have only had one meeting that was a little botched,” Scheyer said.

Although the members love going out for a day on the water to fish and explore, they are working through these difficulties to keep the community happy and healthy. The club looks optimistically on their future online meetings, and hopes to be back together soon. 

Another leader stepping up to help this transition occur smoothly is Haley Grage (’22), the Vice President of Career Development in DECA. Thus far, the DECA executive board has met to begin laying out plans for the upcoming year, including preparing for competitions, recruitment of new members and activities for all members. Another large change this year is online competitions.  

“This is a huge change because one of the key aspects of DECA is the in person competitions that make you think quickly on your feet,” Grage said. 

Instead of in person competitions, the members of DECA will submit Flipgrid style videos that will ultimately be judged. Grage feels this will change the excitement of competitions when competitors do not know what will happen next. Despite all of these challenges and changes, she expressed excitement for the rest of the year. 

“Although I’m sad DECA will not be the same this year, I am still so excited for everything we have planned,” Grage said.