How to be a good plant parent

Kirsten Carl, In-Depth Editor

Growing a plant of your own can be super rewarding. During the pandemic, many Americans have turned to caring for indoor plants, due to limited outdoor activities. Along with this newfound hobby comes responsibility, and lots of fun. Follow along for some helpful tips to keep your plant happy and healthy, and how to be the best plant parent possible. 

  1. Look out for signs the plant is not doing well — It will tell you! 

Browning on leaves and wilting petals can mean your plant needs some help. Make sure to do some research and take note of your plant’s specific needs. Not all plants are alike! Most plants enjoy a sunny location and watering when needed. If the soil looks dry, it’s time to water it! Move your plant near a window, give it some water, and watch it grow. 

  1. Daily Check-Ins

Check in with your plant every day, or as close to that as possible. Plants can change rapidly, and their health can take a turn for the worse pretty quickly. Make sure to observe the colors of your plant’s leaves, any changes in its structure, and the moisture of the soil. These daily check-ins could save your little plant’s life, so it’s important to have some one-on-one time with your plant. 

  1. Fun Tools and Accessories 

Tools such as cute watering cans and flower pots with designs on them can make being a plant parent even more enjoyable. You can even diy a watering can. Take an old water bottle and decorate it to your liking. Fill it up with water, and use it to water your plant. Also, you can use old jars, cans, and even shoes such as rain boots as flower pots. Since you’re reusing an old water bottle, and other materials, these tricks are great for the environment, and your plant. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

     4.Compost Bins

      Compost is a super sustainable way to add nutrients to plant soil. Find a little bin, and designate it for compost. Throw fruit and vegetable scraps, old papers, eggshells, coffee grounds, and similar items into your compost bin. Then, let the contents of the bin decompose, into smaller pieces over a few months. Adding small amounts of compost to the plant soil over time can give your plant  access to the nutrients it needs to grow, and stay healthy. 

While taking care of plants is super fun, remember these tips for yourself too! Get lots of nutrients through healthy eating, be sustainable in other aspects of your life, spend time outside, get fresh air, drink plenty of water, enjoy the sunshine (with sunscreen), and take care of yourself.