Girl Scout cookies ranked

Lara Hans, Opinion Editor

Everyone knows that it’s the best time of the year when it’s Girl Scout Cookie season. From sweet to sour, and everything in between, here’s a ranking from worst to best of the Girl Scout Cookies sold in our area.

9. Do-si-dos (Peanut Butter Sandwich)

At the bottom of the list are Do-si-dos because this cookie really tastes more like a granola bar than a cookie. Do-si-dos consist of two crunchy oatmeal cookies with a sweet peanut butter filling. It did have a nice mix of sweet and salty, but even so, it’s just not the greatest cookie.

8. Toffee-tastic

These crunchy cookies tasted a little bit too much like sand and crumbled way too easily. The bits of toffee really just tasted like hard lumps in the cookie, but it does get props for being the only gluten free cookie on this list.

7. Lemon-ups

Next up are the cookies that replaced the iconic Savannah Smiles in 2020. They have a sweet lemony flavor that’s not too strong, and the cute messages definitely win them some points.

6. Trefoils (Shortbread)

Small shortbread cookies with a buttery shortbread flavor. The perfect balance between soft and crunchy while being  not too sweet, but they are just a little bit bland.

5. Girl Scout S’mores

This Girl Scout rendition of a s’more may differ in appearance depending on your location, but this cookie is an artificial version of the traditional s’more. Inside two crunchy graham cracker cookies is the ageless combination of marshmallow and chocolate with one layer of marshmallow flavored cream and one layer of chocolate flavored cream.

4. Adventurefuls

The Adventureful has a strong chocolate flavor and a circle of caramel in the center, topped with a drizzle of chocolate. This cookie just barely missed out on the top three because of the let down that happened when this brownie-inspired cookie turned out to be crunchy. This cookie definitely does not resemble a brownie, and the caramel on the top is hard and dry.

3. Tagalongs (Peanut Butter Patties)

The simple mash-up of chocolate and peanut butter is timeless for a reason. Tagalongs have a crispy base with a thin layer of peanut butter on top, all coated in a smooth dark chocolate.

2. Samoas (Caramel deLites)

The Samoa may be the only Girl Scout cookie to be both crispy and chewy at the same time. This cookie has a crunchy layer covered in rich chocolate and is topped with stripes of crunchy coconut shavings and chocolate. Coconut is a controversial flavor, but Samoas found a way to use coconut and chocolate in just the right way.

1. Thin Mints

The Thin Mint is the top-selling Girl Scout cookie, and for a reason. A crisp chocolate cookie with a smooth coating of chocolate and just the right amount of mint flavor. Thin Mints have always been my favorite type of Girl Scout cookies because the simplicity of these two flavors combined with the crispiness of the cookie is just perfection.