Twee fashion returns to pop culture

Grace Holland, Staff Writer

Twee fashion has made a shocking comeback as TikTok users flood the app with their most twee looks.

Twee originated in Britain as a mispronunciation of “sweet.” Twee fashion takes after the mod subculture that began in 1960s London and spread throughout Great Britain for years. The iconic berets, satchel bags and hair accessories of twee are all reminiscent of the scooter-riding mods.

Today, twee is associated with the 2012 hipster fashion era.

“Twee was the girl whose favorite class in school was art, the girl who thrifted before it was cool and the one who wore fake glasses for the aesthetic before it was mainstream,” Vogue writer, Kristen Bateman, said. 

Twee fashion most notably appeared in the hit 2011 sitcom “New Girl.” Zooey Deschanel, who played the sitcom’s main character, recently posted on TikTok to show off her favorite twee looks over the years. Her lookbook includes floral and lace dresses, bows and pastel cardigans. The return of twee can be attributed to the growing revival of the Tumblr era by millennials and Generation Z influencers. Previous Tumblr users flooded the app with their videos poking fun at their old twee looks. 

“I think Zooey’s style in the show is really representative of her character in the show,” Sarah Watzlavick (’22) said. “It’s unique, just like her.” 

However, some influencers introduced a modern twist on the twee looks. The popular Prada loafers with platform and lugged soles are much more interesting to the younger generation than the old ballet flats. Stylish berets and oversized collars paired with patterned tights have taken over “For You” pages on TikTok.

“Personally I don’t think it should come back because it’s not my style,” Watzlavick said. “But, it could be modernized because mixing patterns is very common.” .

Whether it’s thrifted or bought firsthand, twee fashion is everywhere and making a definitive comeback.