Staycation ideas for spring break

Naarada Samarasinghe, Opinion Editor

Although COVID-19 restrictions have significantly lifted over the past few months, the threat of disease transmission in travel through planes, trains and buses have forced many to be apprehensive towards long trips for vacation. As such, students and teachers throughout Madison have been eyeing ideas for staycations around Fairfax County in order to have a fun spring break while staying safe.

One of the most popular vacation areas near Madison is Washington D.C., with the in-depth and captivating tours, incredible multicultural restaurants and historical landmarks from America’s history, however some of the greatest attractions to this city are within the various Smithsonian museums scattered throughout the streets.

With free admission and breathtaking exhibits, any museum, from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum to the National Museum of Natural History and even more niche interests like the National Postal Museum, are sure to captivate anyone exploring them.

For those looking for something outside an urban environment, hiking trails in NoVa are abundant. One of the best, however, has to be Difficult Run in Great Falls Park. The trail has incredible sights of the river, alongside exciting nature to walk through.

This spring break, specifically, several musical concerts will happen throughout Northern Virginia, perhaps one of the most anticipated of which is Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Ball. Lady Gaga’s previous tour was Joanne in 2018, and she is returning for her first tour following the pandemic. The concert started on March 14 and will continue to April 9 in Nationals Park and features songs from her recent album Chromatica.

For students that want to stay safe or save some money during vacation, there’s an abundance of options. From grand museums to breathtaking nature, Northern Virginia has more than enough to take up hundreds of spring breaks.