Teacher doppelgangers at Madison

Teacher doppelgangers at Madison

Trish Truong, Opinion Editor

From Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice to Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel, many celebrities have uncanny resemblances to each other, but many teachers at Madison have their own celebrity doppelgangers that make you wonder if some A-list celebrities have turned over a new leaf and entered the teaching profession. 

Mary Gonzalez-Edna Mode

“I simply love, love Edna Mode. She is marvelous, witty, smart as a whip, mostly humble and on top of things… I guess she is my true doppelganger, indeed!”

Mr. Hood-John Cena

“John Cena and I have switched roles on many occasions and no one noticed. I won the WWE belt for him on two occasions and he greeted Madison students and families for me on several senior nights.”

Mr. Blanchet-Drake

“Nobody has ever mentioned that I may be a Drake look-alike. Back in the late 90s and early 2000s people said I looked like Joey Fatone from N’Sync. There was also another musician, Chino Moreno from the hard rock band Deftones, that some said looked like me. Gotta be honest, though, the Drake comparison is new for me.”

Ms. Moser-Jamie Lee Curtis

“I think she’s fabulous. She’s a woman who has overcome so many challenges in her life. She has been around a really long time, and she really works to make an impact in the world which in my little way I try to do that as well. And everyone’s told me since I was 20 that I look like her, so I am really not surprised that that kind of sticks.”

Mr. Sylor-Jake Gyllenhaal

“I’ve definitely heard it before. I think it’s pretty flattering. He’s a famous actor, and I like his work. I am a lot shorter than him though.”

Ms. Metzaki-Ms. Frizzle

“I love the idea of Ms. Frizzle being my celebrity doppelganger! No one ever compared me to her before. We have many things in common besides the driving! I agree that people should take chances and see their mistakes as opportunities to get better.”

Ms. Fasick-Minnie Driver 

“I am flattered to have Minnie Driver be considered my celebrity doppelganger. She is funny, talented and beautiful! I have been compared to her before, however, I more commonly get Alanis Morrisette (since high school) and in more recent years, Megan Markle, especially when my hair is straight.”