VYI basketball tips off



Bryce Berger (’23) dribbles the ball in clutch time.

Katrina Swan, Features Editor

Vienna Youth Inc (VYI) is an organization whose goal is to provide recreation for all youth who wish to play, creating opportunities for local school age youth to be a part of a tight-knit community.

Over 2000 children will participate in the VYI basketball program this 22-23 season, with ages ranging from five to 18 years old. Many students will play in the high school league, including Madison student Bryce Berger (’23), who has been playing VYI basketball since 5th grade.

“It’s a fun league, but it’s also very competitive and I take it very seriously,” Berger said. “I take what I do very seriously, I wouldn’t win MVP messing around.”

According to @vyireport, an Instagram account run by Madison students to cover the high school league, Berger is the front runner for the account’s MVP this season. The account posts preseason rankings, game outcomes, and player interviews.

“Running @vyireport is fun,” Neel Mehra (‘23) said. “I run it with Jake Benoudiz and Lukas Brombacher and we have a great time making the league fun for everyone.”

Mehra posts to the account along with playing VYI himself. They ranked Berger’s team, the Jazz, number one before the season began. The reigning champion from last season and Jazz rivals, Mehra’s own Celtics, are currently undefeated. The competitive spirit encourages players from the area to keep playing the sport they enjoy throughout high school.

“Our goal is to make VYI entertaining for fans and players,” Mehra said. “It’s great to see everyone coming together to enjoy basketball and its comradery.”