Teachers leaving Madison

Anika Chandra, Staff Writer

The end of the school year signifies a goodbye not only to seniors but also to some beloved Madison faculty members. Among them, Madison will be sad to see English teachers Sam Kinsey and Katie Newman go.

Kinsey, who started her career at Madison, will finish off the year as a JMHS faculty member of nine years. She taught English 9, 11 and 12 during this time, but her love of Shakespeare and drama has caused her to favor the 12th grade curriculum which features books like “Born a Crime,” “Hamlet,” and a graphic novel about Persepolis.

“After Madison, I am moving to the Richmond area, so I’ll be teaching in Henrico County at Godwin High School,” said Kinsey on her plans for next year. “Their colors are also red and black, so I was like, alright, that’s easy. It’s perfect.”

Although Kinsey will get to keep Madison’s superior school colors, there are some non-transferable aspects she’ll be leaving behind.

“I’m going to really miss just how close the Madison community is and how much school spirit everybody has here,” Kinsey said. “[It’s] kind of bittersweet. I’m very excited about the move and what’s to come. But, I am also sad to be leaving this community because Madison has really helped make me into the teacher that I am today.”

Newman joined Madison two years after Kinsey and has taught English 9 Honors for all seven of her years at Madison, with English 10 Honors and Creative Writing sprinkled in as well. After Madison, she will be the English Department Chair at West Springfield High School.

Like Kinsey There is quite a bit of sadness behind her decision to leave.

“The students,” said Newman. “That’s, I think, the most heartbreaking thing. You walk through the hallway and say hello to a lot of people. I feel like it’s truly a community of people.”

At the end of each year, Madison releases the full list of departing faculty members. As there is no way of knowing who will be on that list and when, students can only cross their fingers and hope their favorites will stay until they graduate.

“I hope my favorite teachers stick around for my senior year,” McKenzie Tran (’24) said.