Available jobs for teens this summer

Audrey Bhagi, News Editor

With summer right around the corner, you may be interested in what jobs are available to earn some summer-spending money. Luckily, Vienna consistently provides an array of options. But remember, it’s important to have a resume for employers, so be sure to create one before applying. There are various templates available online if you search up “high school resume template,” as well as on the Madison Student Services’ Schoology page. If you lack work experience, consider including any notable extracurriculars and skills you have.

Around Vienna, there are a variety of businesses are hiring for the summer season. Ice cream shops such as Ben & Jerry’s, Rita’s, Bruster’s, Cold Stone and Dairy Queen are especially popular during the hottest time of the year. There are also smaller ice cream businesses, such as Molly’s Gelato, Toby’s Handmade Ice Cream and Kiln & Custard. There are also many establishments with for-hire signs all over Vienna, such as at Crumbl Cookies and Chipotle. Most allow you to apply directly through their websites, but some require further inquiry.

Summer camps and lifeguarding opportunities are also very popular in the summer. Moonlit Wings Production is an option for those interested in the performing arts. It is a summer camp that is centered around providing kids with valuable experience and fun, and the camps are currently hiring counselors. SheEO Academy summer camp is a program centered around teaching young girls about business, and is hiring high schoolers for a stipend of $300 a week. Instructors must assist campers and help with distributing and packing activity materials and equipment. To apply, contact 866-697-4336, or on their website. Calleva Summer Camp is based in McLean and provides white water rafting, rock climbing, zip-lining and other fun activities. Counselors will be responsible for 12-15 campers along with 3 other staff members. To apply, you must be 15 before summer begins. You can apply on their website or by reaching out to the camp director at [email protected]. Continental Pools has lifeguarding jobs available, and you can apply either on their website or by texting “SPLASH” to 464646. They offer flexible hours and no experience is required.