Adam Sandler shrine graces girls bathroom

Mia Pisani, Lifestyle Editor

In Sept. the first Adam Sandler shrine appeared, kickstarting a wave of several Sandler shrines throughout the girls’ bathrooms. It initially appeared in the history hallway, and later one was built in the science and english hallways.
“It was probably a group of people who originally made it, then others hopped on the bandwagon and made their own,” Olivia Cubba (’23) said.
Cubba saw the shrine in the science hall bathroom, near her AP Environmental Science class. It contained several photos of Sandler’s different “moods” and a note to administration asking them to “leave Sandler alone.”
No one quite knows why the creators chose Sandler, but students have their own speculations as to why the “Grown Ups” actor has been idolized.
“Adam Sandler is really funny, iconic and cute in his own little way,” Cubba said.
He has appeared in 63 movies, including childhood favorites like “Hotel Transylvania” and “Paul Blart: Mall Cop.” His sense of humor and comically large basketball shorts have made him a fan favorite.
“Adam Sandler is relatable and funny enough to where a shrine for him would be humorous,” Maya Brown (’22) said.
Anna Mack (’22) witnessed the sacred bathroom stall in the history hallway.
The shrine in the history hallway was recreated after the first was taken down. They were similar in style, which could imply that they were made by the same creator.
“Adam Sandler is a cool guy and I think it being so random adds to its effect,” Mack said.